5 Tips for Natural Makeup

Makeup has the power to transform and create illusions of all sorts. It can enhance natural traits and features rather than hide -what we may think are- flaws. In this article, I share with you 5 important tips that I’ve learned throughout the years, to achieve a natural look… Using makeup!

#1: Concealer is your friend

For a “natural” makeup, often times many will opt for a BB or CC cream to hide blemishes and unify the skin tone. The rub is that even the least pigmented tinted moisturizer will alter the natural look of your skin. What you should be aiming for is minimal concealing, rather than a coverall solution. Concealer can help hide blemishes, acne scars and dark circles without washing away the natural pigmentation of your skin. Dab the product on your skin with your ring finger, and use a small precision brush for smaller areas to conceal. Also pay attention to the shade of your concealer. The wrong shade of concealer will do the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to, so choose the shade closest to your skin tone for blemishes, and 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone for bumps and raised areas you may wish to hide.


#2: Concealer is your enemy

*Girl, PICK A SIDE!* Although concealer is great for  targeted corrections, it can easily look unnatural if not blended correctly. When using concealer alone, extra blending is always necessary; this is because you don’t have a pigmented base (foundation, BB cream, etc.) for your concealer shade to transition into. This is especially true for the under eye area. One way to avoid obvious harsh lines is to start blending your concealer from the outer edges and work upwards, towards your lower lash line. This will prevent concealer from drying out on the edges and leaving harsh lines on your cheeks.


#3: Brown is the new black

Unless you have been blessed with Raven hair, chances are your natural eyelashes are not really *black*. Black eyeliner and mascara can be too harsh for a natural “no-makeup makeup” look. Instead of your favorite “extra-black-voluminizing-ultra lengthening-waterproof” mascara, try a deep brown one with a light formula. My favorite for this purpose is the Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer. Maybelline also offers some great brown mascara options. The same regarding colors goes for eyeliner. If you do choose to wear eyeliner, use it to tight line, or better yet, swap it for some brown eyeshadow which you can apply using a flat precision brush right onto your lash line.


#4: Bronzers over Blushes

When doing a natural makeup, the instinctive choice to add colour to the skin is blush. It’s a great optikn if you want a natural flush, but I find this does nothing more than accentuate the cheeks. The alternative for warming up the skin and adding an overall healthy glow is to use a warm-toned bronzer with a slight shimmer, such as the Betty-Lou Manizer. To ensure a natural finish, avoid going deeper than 1-2 shades from your skin tone. Bronzer can be applied all around the face for a more unified look; I prefer to use a big fluffy powder brush for this. Ideally, you would apply it in the same spots where you would contour, only in bigger, less precise and circular motions.


#5: Bite your lip

Last but not least, we must take care of the lips. While this is an absolutely optional step which can be replaced with a quick swipe of lip balm or nude lipstick, I personally like a hint of colour on my lips for a natural makeup look, because why not! Lipstick is probably the farthest thing from “natural”, but it can look more understated when used as a lip stain. I also find it has the most long lasting effect, as long as I use a creamy lipstick. In terms of colour, I always find a blood red or fuchsia shade perfect for staining. The goal is to target the parts of the lips that would be naturally more “flushed”, right at the center of the lips. Using a lipstick brush, pick up a small amount of your lipstick and apply in it light, slow strokes, drawing the products towards the edges of the lips. Alternatively, dab it on with your finger, and finish off by removing any excess with a paper tissue.

Thank you for stabbing by! I hope you will find these tips helpful for your natural makeup. Let me know if the comments if you have any other favourite tricks!

The Foundry girl.

 Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I purchased all products myself, and my views are based on my own experience.


3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Natural Makeup

    1. Hey gorgeous! Thanks for your comment! Yes, you’re right 🙈 I have to confess I tend to leave my naturally full brows alone which is probably why I didn’t think to mention them XD buuuut I’m planning to do a full article dedicated entirely to eyebrows 😉 thank you for your feedback, truly appreciate it! Xoxo

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