Easy Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup 

The ironic thing about makeup is even though it is technically an unnatural thing, to create it we often get find inspiration in nature itself. This source of inspiration today is part of the animal world, namely the Peacock. The male peafowl is known for the beautiful colour palette that is harmoniously displayed on its tail, supposedly to signify sexual attraction and fitness. The iridescent feathers of a peacock are commonly described as a mixture of green and blue shades, with some brown (cared from the mixture of the first two), as well as a golden shimmer at the tips. So for the sake of creating a look that is easy to recreate, I decided to use 4 colours.

Eye makeup essentials:
-Colourpop SuperShock Shadow in Coconut
-L’Oreal La Couleur Infallible Matte Finish in Smoothie Kiwi
-DM Trend It Up Contour & Glide Kajal in 091


Step-by-step eye makeup:
#1 I started it out by priming my eyelid using the Kajal as a colour base and to support eyeshadow pigmentation
#2 Using a flat shader brush, I applied the green eyeshadow starting at the inner corner of my eyes and ending at about 2 thirds towards the outer corner.
#3 I dabbed a generous amount (yes, generous, blame the blending that needs to happens!) of the dark blue-green shade on the outer corners of my eyes
#4 To soften the harsh line on my crease, I blended the eye shadows using a light peach eyeshadow, then reapply the other eyeshadows as needed to intensify the colours
#5 Finally, I lined my lower water lines using the shimmery yellow Kajal


Finally, to tie up the look after doing the rest of my makeup, I blended the green and blue-green eye shadows right under my lower lash lines using a flat precision brush.




Thank you so much for stopping by! I wished I had KathleenLights’ x Colourpop Lippiestix in Alyssa for this particular makeup look, but that will have to be another day! At least Colourpop offer international shipping!
Let me know what you thought of this look and if you have any suggestions in the comments, and until next time!

The Foundry girl.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I purchased all products myself, and my views are based on my own experience.





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