Instagram Makeup Feat. Zoeva 

In 2016, makeup is not a thing exclusive to runways and photoshoots anymore. Platforms such as Instagram seem to have brought democracy to Cosmeticsville. And the millions of makeup photos shared on the social media app showcase diversity not only in the Instagram world, but more importantly, in the world, simply. So to honor the role of social media in providing a space for expression and diversity, I decided to create an Instagram makeup look inspired by the “baddie trend“, but with my own touch.


Essentially, the Instagram look consists of 3 main elements: Warm and deep tones for eyeshadow, a black eyeliner and a dark or brown lip. For this look I decided to use the Cocoa Blend Palette by Zoeva which is by the way of great quality.


Eye makeup step-by-step:

#1 First I primed and set my eyelids using a setting powder, which usually helps with eyeshadow pigmentation and blending.
#2 I applied the shade “Substitute for Love” in the Zoeva palette as a transition shade using a fluffy blending brush.
#3 To define my crease, I applied the shade “Freshly Toasted” using the same brush, starting at the outer corners of my eyes and blending towards the inner corners and back
#4 Finally, I used the shade “Warm Notes” on my mobile lid, blending it from the inner corners of my eyes until about 2 thirds of the eyelids.


For the rest of my makeup, I used the Kiko Lasting Gel Liner to create a medium wing, as well as the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Tan for my lips, and topped it off with NYX in 501 Iris. I also blended the first two shades (steps #2 and #3) under my lower lash line to bring balance to the finished look. That’s it! Just don’t forget the contour and highlight! LOTS OF HIGHLIGHT!

And now the finished look:






Thank you for coming by! I hope you enjoyed this post and makeup look. Let me know if you have tried any of the Zoeva palettes!

The Foundry girl.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I purchased all products myself, and my views are based on my own experience.


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