Makeup Setting Sprays for All Budgets

3 bottles of makeup setting spray. Brands and references from left to right: Essence "keep it perfect", Urban Decay "All nighter" and NYX "Dewy Finish"

Whether you live in a crazy hot climate, have been blessed with beautiful oily skin or are getting ready for a sweaty night of dancing at your favorite club, you probably have some trouble keeping your makeup intact for a period of time.
In this article I review 3 different makeup setting sprays that I have personally tried and quite enjoy for different reasons. So if you are looking to try a setting spray, keep reading to discover my tiny selection!

Urban Decay "All nighter" makeup fixing spray

The first setting spray I ever tried was the Urban Decay All Nigher. I purchased it mainly upon watching Kathleenkights recommend it in one of her videos. The oil-free, paraben-free and long-lasting formula truly does what it claims. I have combination skin so I was hoping for the best. And boy was I blown away! My makeup stays perfectly adhered to my skin for up to 8 hours (my personal record). I had a certain period where my skin was dehydrated and dry, and this setting spray helped keeping moisture sealed in each and every time. The 118ml bottle retails for 26,00 euros on the Urban Decay website, but you can give it a try without splurging if you get the 30ml bottle at 12,50 euros.

Essence "Keep it perfect" makeup setting sprayMy second favorite setting spray is a recent discovery from Essence, the Keep it Perfect Makeup Fixing Spray. This little gem retails at a mere 2,99 euros for a 50ml bottle; great for small budgets looking for great quality. The formula is fragrance free so it’s also perfect for those of us who don’t like scented products. For a light to medium type of makeup, I find this to be an absolute must that leaves your makeup looking fresh and polished. I also like that the spray doesn’t change the finish of my makeup, although I would imagine that  will also depend on your skin type. One thing I quickly learned was that it is important to keep a good distance (about 25-30cm) from your face when spraying, to avoid drenching your face and ruining your makeup.

NYC "Dewy Finish" Long Lasting Setting SprayThe third and last spray I have come to love over the past few months is the NYX Dewy Finish, which I consider to be more of a “special occasion” setting spray. I am 100% a fan of NYX and picked this up one day on a whim without consulting any reviews or opinions online. I started using it about 8 months ago and I continue to reach for it whenever I want a dewy look. This leaves a nice glow on my face and enhances any highlighting products I use. My second bottle was a little faulty because every time I spray I get these huge drops on different parts of my face, but other than that, it’s a hit! Oh and this is a moderate budget product at just 7,99 euros for a 60ml bottle.

I hope you found thesequick review informative and helpful! Tell me what your favorite makeup setting spray is, down in the comments!

The Foundry girl.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I purchased all products myself, and my views are based on my own experience.


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