Sleek Solstice Palette Review

With the strobing trend which became quite popular last summer (2015), several makeup brands came out with quite a few variations of highlighter focused palettes. Sleek launched their Solstice Palette later in the year, but it has nly recently made it to social media and became a trending product. So for today’s review I will give you my opinion after trying it myself.


First impressions:
The packaging is the first thing that’s pops out simply because Sleek is a drugstore price-range makeup brand that isn’t exactly known for it’s fancy, luxurious looking products. This palette breaks that rule (and hopefully more will come!). The size is perfect because it sits right in the hand, making it easier to use the integrated mirror while strobing.


The 4 shades remind me of a summer solstice, with purple, peach and yellow tones. The 3 powder highlights are slightly powdery, which I don’t particularly mind since the decent product payoff makeup for it. I also find they work well when used with a little makeup fixing spray on a brush, which reduces the powder excess. The 4th shade is a very soft cream highlight that blends very well, although I found it can get harder if I use too much product.

Result on dry-to-combination skin:
Swatched on my arms, the shades are very pigmented, and more on the shimmery end of the highlight spectrum. I didn’t mind this when I used the palette on good skin days. However, the product seemed to be less “blendable” as it sat on my dry patches when my skin was dry (I have dry-to-combination skin). I would therefore assume this might be better suited for oily and normal skin types.

Based on the criteria I mentioned above, I can’t say I am disappointed. I enjoy affordable makeup products, so I don’t mind having to tweak them to get the best result out of them. At about 13 euros/15 dollars, this Sleek palette is a good budget product for makeup beginners as much as for drugstore makeup lovers.

I know you tried or heard about this palette, and I hope you found my quick review informative and neutral. Let me know what you think in the comments!

The Foundry girl.


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