Summer Day Makeup: Bronze Goddess

Today’s makeup look is another popular summer look, inspired by bronze tones and tanned skin. While the best makeup for this look is a good natural tan, the northern hemisphere is unforgiving. But what a great excuse to play with bronze makeup!


For this type of bronze makeup look, the focus is not mostly on the skin. My mission was therefore to mimic a natural tan by placing bronzer powder on specific areas of my face: the temples, the cheeks, lightly around the nose area… You get it. The raised areas of the face where a natural tan would appear because the sun hits them most. This will most likely depend on your face shape, but you don’t want to end up “contouring“. Your best best is probably to go along your natural lines to avoid any unnatural changes to your dimension. In this look I went over my bronzer with the Betty-Lou Manizer to emphasize my cheekbones.


For my eyes, I wanted to keep it simple but not bare. From the Cocoa Blend palette I used Substitute for Love as a transition shade, and Pure Ganache on the inner third of my eyelid. To add a little more bronzy depth, I used Colourpop’s SuperShock Shadow in Game Face on the outer corners of my eyes and dragged it to blend with Pure Ganache.

IMG_0008 (1)

Now with some tight-lining and loads of mascara, this look would have been fine for me. But today when my boyfriend went to the local drugstore for some supplies, I asked him to buy me any makeup item he could find below 5 euros. In a set from Manhattan (a German brand), I got a blusher which I have yet to try, and the Khol kajal eyeliner nude contour 51D, which I used to make a 3-dotted line in guise of eyeliner. To define the look a bit more, I also decided to carve a winged line right below the Khol kajal using eyeshadow on an eyeliner brush.


For my lips, I went with a peachy-shimmer lipstick from NYX. I think I would have liked it better with a more nude colour, but I wanted something to match the dotted liner.

That’s it! I hope you liked this look and found it inspiring to get creative with popular looks like this one! Let me know what look you want to see next in the comments!

The Foundry girl.


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