Makeup Beginner Brush Set

Makeup brushes come in varies shapes, sizes and materials, and they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. If you are starting out with makeup up, you may want to consider investing in some basic types of makeup brushes that are multi-purpose and fit for daily use. In this post I share with you my favourite basic brushes and why I think they should be in a beginner’s brush set.
Natural vs. Synthetic
Regardless of brand name and price range, the fiber from which makeup brushes are made should always be taken into account. Not withstanding animal cruelty issues, natural fiber brushes are said to be more sturdy and durable, making them perfect for powder makeup application. Now there are several brands that offer natural fiber brushes, but if you would like to use more ecofriendly and animal cruelty free  brushes, then you might want to checkout PETA’s list of cruelty free brushes. Synthetic makeup brushes are usually made of nylon bristles, and are less absorbent, which makes them great to use with liquid, cream and gel products.

Fluffy powder brush

e.l.f. Complexion Brush

When starting out with makeup, a fluffy powder brush is often the first thing most people will reach for. This is a great tool that can be used with several powder based products, from loose or compact powder, to blush and bronzer. The size will depend on the shape of your face, and usually a medium sized brush (not too large, not too small) will be best to use on different ares of the face.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Buffing brush
This is a personal extra based on my own experience, but one of the first things I learned about makeup is the importance of blending. Practice makes perfects, but a good too for blending your powder makeup products for a buffed and natural finish is a buffing brush. Generally if you’re starting out with makeup, it’s simpler to apply foundation with your fingers, but a buffing brush can also work well for a well blended effect.
Flat shader brush
If you plan on wearing eyeshadow, a basic makeup brush to have is the classic flat shader brush. Several makeup brand carry eyeshadow palette that come with a flat sponge to apply the product with, and this is the same shape you are looking for, but in a bristle brush format. This is a good tool to apply matte and shimmery eye shadows alike. It is also possible to apply some eye shadows with your ringer finger, so using an eyeshadow brush with a fluffy tip can be a good money saver since you can also use the same brush to blend your eyeshadow.

Zoeva 234/Luxe Smoky Shader and Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (which is great for blending eyeshadow as well!)

Blending brush
Another “extra” brush I personally prefer to have in a basic makeup brush kit is a soft fluffy blending brush. This is not only great to blend eyeshadow, but can also be used for more precise powder makeup application such as highlighter or powder under the eyes to set concealer.

e.l.f. Small blending brush

Makeup brush cleaning
The usual recommended amount of time between washes is about one week. I personally prefer to wash my face brushes after each 2 uses, and eyeshadow brushes after 1 week. This is because I use face brushes more frequently, almost every day of the week, and although I have a clear skin, it is quite sensitive so I do prefer not taking any risks of infection or bacterial build up on my tools.
The best product to clean makeup brushes I have found to this day is natural bar soap. It’s affordable and can be found almost in any store. I like to hold the soap bar in my hand and rub my damp makeup brushes to get the soap soaked in, and finally rinse them with lukewarm water.

D76B6721 (1)

The drying process is an important final step; air drying works best for any makeup brush, but there are some good tips to keep in mind in order to preserver your brushes. First, always hang makeup brushes upside down to dry. You can use a hair elastic to tie then around a clothing hanger, door handles etc. This will prevent the water from settling in at the base of the bristles and cause them to fall out. After wringing your makeup brushes, always make sure they are fully rinsed and that no soap is left trapped in. Finally, to preserve the shape of the bristles, use a soft towel to gently press water out, holding the makeup brush upside down.

I hope you found this article helpful if you are starting out with makeup! Let me know what’s in your makeup starter brush set down in the comment 🙂

The Foundry girl.


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