Four Shades of Green: Brown Eyes Makeup

Got brown eyes and need a fun makeup idea? No problem! Matte or shimmery, light or deep toned, green eyeshadow has got you covered. The science behind it is simple: because greens and browns are next to each other on the colour wheel, they tend to intensify each other. 

Ever since I got into makeup, the first thing I wanted to learn was how to use the right makeup for every eye. On myself, I love using green shades to play up my dark brown eyes. I particularly enjoy a smoky eye look with just one dark shade. I find this particular eyeshadow from NYX to be the best green colour for my eyes, and I can use it to create a smoked eyeliner look as smoky eyeshadow makeup look.


But for today’s look, I decided to get out of my comfort zone, by mixing 4 different green eyeshadows, a purple one and a dark green eyeliner. I started out with a transition colour (I used Colourpop’s SuperShock Shadow in Cornelious, and here green can be quite forgiving as it goes well with taupe as well as peach or brown for the transition shade.

I used the deep green eyeshadow from the Sleek Ultra Matts V2 palette with a pencil brush to create a V shaped line along the outer corner of my eye, then I applied the same shade on the outer third part of my mobile eyelid. After blending harsh lines with a blending brush, I used a flat shader brush to apply a green Kiko eyeshadow (111) on the remaining part of my mobile eyelid, blending it in with the Sleek eyeshadow along the natural crease of my eye.


I decided to bring in the Infinity High Pigmented Eyeshadow by Kiko eyeshadow in 233 right onto the inner third of my mobile eyelid, and blended it onto the xx shadow.

To intensify the look along my upper lashline and outer corners, I applied the Colourpop SuperShock Eyeshadow in Coconut to the bottom part of the V shape I created, and finally used Kiko’s Fine Art Eye Pencil in Matita Occhi to create a simple wing. For a sharp look, I used some concealer to correct my eyeliner.


For my lips I decided to create a taupe based lip colour by mixing Colourpop’s Matte Lippiestix in rayezor and the Long-Lasting Matte Mxi Lipstick in Forever Hazelnut by P2, and topped it all off with the The Kiko 3D Instant Volume Plumping and Refreshing lipgloss in Clear. By the way, I’m sure I’m not the olive skinned person who is constantly look for the right shade of nude for a specific makeup look. So if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!


I hope you enjoyed this look and found it interesting. Don’t hesitate to play with browns, greens, blues, coppers, purples and reds if you have brown eyes; get creative and you might just surprise yourself!

The Foundry girl.


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