Olive Skin Blushes for Every Season

Choosing the right colour and shade for your skin tone goes right on top of the Makeup Do’s list. While there are thousands of different shades and textures on the market to choose from, chances are the same blush colour will look differently on two people who may have the same skin tone but differ in undertones, eye colour, etc. In today’s article I decided to share with you 4 different peach blushes that I love and think can do great things for olive skin tones.

Most brands today have gotten more adventurous with blush, creating a variety of innovative textures and formulas. Baked, cream-to-powder, mousse, stick, we’ve seen it all, and thankfully the innovation has its benefits. If you have dry skin for example, you probably want to stay away from cream to powder formulas which can be hard to blend (more on that in a few). So without further ado, here are my current most used and loved blushes!

Milani Baked Powder Blush in Luminoso

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I ordered this blush on Amazon after hearing so many youtubers and bloggers talk about how great it is. This is also a true peach based shade with a shiny finish, almost like a highlight, and I personally love to pair it with a pastel Spring makeup. Though it feels fragile to hold, the packaging is a gorgeous golden circle shaped compact that includes a mirror and blush applicator inside the bottom compartment. I prefer to wear this blush wet, even though it’s possible to use it dry.
Usually I will use this on any day when I’m in a hurry and can’t be bothered to contour and highlight. This is another highly pigmented blush so it is best to go lightly and build up product as you go. I have to say that the only regret I have with Luminoso is that it can be drying on my cheeks, so it’s not ideal for me to wear without a makeup base.
Price: 7,50-8 USD

Zoeva Luxe Colour Blush in Last Love

I’ve been a fan of Zoeva’s products ever since they first launched in Germany, and can happily say it’s one of the best quality brands I’ve ever used. This affordable blush has been in my collection for about one year, and although it is my summer shade, I find myself using it all year around. It comes in a luxurious feeling matte square packaging which includes a mirror.
This is a true peach shade with a the beautiful yellow shimmer and a satin finish. It’s not powdery, but not buttery either, however it is highly pigmented, which makes it perfect to apply with any blush brush. Needless to say that with this one, a little goes a long way. It does work well with my skin which tends to vacillate between dry-to-combination and normal, which is another reason why it is almost always the first blush that I reach for.
Price: 9,50 Euros

NARS Blush in Super Orgasm

This is a recent addition to my blush collection, which I found on sale on Amazon. It’s a beautiful peach based shimmering shade that I cannot wait to use with fall makeup (and apparently neither can the weather in Berlin). It’s a great shade to create a simple contoured look, and doubles as a highlight thanks to the shimmering finish, although some might find it a little too intense for a daily makeup look.
I like to use a fluffy blush brush to apply this, because it allows the gold glitter to spread evenly on my cheeks. The formula in this blush is my favorite thing about it; the high pigmentation makes it a durable product worth the high price, and the silky texture makes it perfect for my skin dry-to-combination skin.
Price: 30 USD

Essence Cream to Powder Blush in Sweet as a Peach

If you are after a long-lasting affordable blush, I highly recommend giving this one a try. The formula is not 100% creamy, but that’s the good news because it allow the product to blend well and at the same time stay in play for a longer time. As the Essence recommends, I like to apply it using my fingers as it easier to blend and control the area you want to apply it on. Because I live in Germany, my skin tone tends to become lighter especially during winter months, so I find this light peach shade perfect for a natural flush on gloomy snow days.
Price: 2,79 Euros

Left to right: NARS Super Orgasm, Essence Sweet as a Peach, Milani Luminoso, Zoeva Last Love

I hope you found this blog post helpful in some way and if you are looking for a new blush for your olive skin. I probably will keep buying more blushes in the future, so please let me know in the comments what blush I should try next or what your favorite blush is! 🙂

The Foundry girl.


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