5 Makeup Myths You Need to Know

One of the most remarkable things about the makeup world is that it is evolving in a free environment where information is shared and ideas and tips are promoted. Sometimes they lead to positive results, but other times they are solutions to the wrong problems, otherwise known as myths.

Myth 1: Expensive Means Good Quality

Fact: Ok this is an obvious one, which is why we should get it over with first. No matter how much you pay for a makeup product, there is a 50-50 chance the price is inconsistent with the quality. This also goes for makeup tools and skin care products. Affordable products often are as good or better than high end ones. This is why it’s always a good habit to look up products before making a purchase. Your own opinion may be different from the majority, but you’ll have a better chance at scoring a good quality product by consulting a few user reviews.

The Chanel foundation costs 4 times as much as the Maybelline one, which is by far better. Kiko makes amazing matte lipsticks, like this NARS dupe.

Myth 2: Use Eyedrops to Revive Dry Mascara/Eyeliner

Fact: Yes, sometimes if your product’s formula dries too fast, it’s a good trick to revive a clumpy mascara or dry eyeliner. But for most people, dry mascara or eyeliner is often the queue to toss it. Most eye products have a 6 month life span, which is also about the time they will start to dry out. If anything, it works like an alarm reminding you to renew your product, which is the best thing for eye care.


Myth 3: Test Your Foundation at the Store

Fact: Yes, colour matching is an inevitable step in choosing the right foundation, but the problem is the lighting in which you perform this test. Most makeup stores are decorated with heavy lighting on the ceiling and walls, making it impossible to properly identify colour. Ask for a small pot to take a sample in, better yet, bring your own pot (BYOP?), sometimes employees will not disclose the possibility of taking samples home to test products. The element of surprise usually works… If that fails, apply your shade(s) on your jawline and examine them in natural lighting.

Swatches of 4 different foundations with artificial lighting
Truer colour matching in natural lighting

Myth 4: Eyeshadow and Eye Colour Shouldn’t Match

Fact: Contrasting eyeshadow colours are great for lifting your natural eye colour, but you can absolutely wear any colour that you damn well please. In face, adding eyeshadow in a similar shade to your eye colour can really intensify the final look. There is a little trick that I learned here, to find the best browns for my eye colour. I try to look for browns which have yellow and peach undertones. A sheer application on the crease or outer corner of the eye will tell you whether the eyeshadow shows warm or cool toned on your skin. The best eyeshadow *in any colour* is therefore one that best matches you colour skin tone, which allows for a softer transition during application.

Always compare tones when choosing eyeshadow

Myth 5: Match Lipstick Colour with Your Skin Tone

Fact: This last myth is actually only 50% myth. We all have that one colour we are dying to wear, we buy it, but ifigure it doesn’t look good. This is where the skin tone comes to play. More specifically, the pigmentation of your lips. Depending on the pigmentation and formula of your lipstick, colour may have a different pay off once applied than as they appear in the packaging. For most people, this is a confusing finding because the colour may very well match your skin tone, just not the pigmentation of your lips. My trick is to apply one layer of any concealer that matches your natural skin tone and has a decent coverage, to neutralize the natural lip colour and create a blank canvas to apply any lipstick in your collection!

Top to bottom: Lipstick on bare lips, Concealer base, Lipstick on top of concealer

That’s it for this article guys! Thanks for reading. I hope your found these busted myths helpful! Let me know in the comments what was the most surprising myth you heard of, I would love to hear your personal experiences!

The Foundry girl.


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