3 Easy Winged Eyeliner Tricks

Anyone will tell you that winged eyeliner requires practice, patience and time. But the trick is finding your own method that works best for you. In this article I share 3 different methods that I’ve found to work quite well with gel and liquid eyeliner.

Before getting into these methods, it’s important to remember that trying different ways is the best and fastest way to find your holy grail eyeliner routine. In addition to the texture, tools and application also play a big role, so in the end it is simply a matter of personal preference. If you are just starting with eyeliner and want to practice your technique, here are my top 3 easiest ways of creating your winged eyeliner:

1 Saved by Scotch Tape

Gel liner requires a very steady hand, lots of patience and time, so it can be tricky to work with. If you struggle specifically with making a perfectly lined wing, scotch tape if your best friend. It basically splits the task in half by offering support for straight and clean line at the bottom of your wing.

You can enhance the stability of your hand motions by placing your elbow on a table top. Ideally, you would be able to use this method by making a straight line from the corner of your eye and ending where you prefer. The thickness of the eyeliner will depend on the application and the size and shape of the eyeliner brush. This is a matter of trial and error, so as you would expect, practice makes perfect!

2 Dotted Line

If you are working with a liquid liner, this is a very useful trick that will help you avoid making a mess and having to start over. The principle is very simple: start by making think dashes along your lash line, and create a dotted line where you want your wing to be. Once your have the outline, work in smal sections to connected the lines and fill your eyeliner to your desired thickness. I personally love liquid liner as I find that it provides the best pigmentation for a sharp winged liner, but I have yet to perfect this method myself!

3 Black Eyeshadow

This is fool proof method for beginners, because it allows you to easily remove any undesired product and create a base shape on which to apply your eyeliner. Using an angled eyeliner brush, I start by drawing a line along my upper lash line, and dragging the product to create a wing. A great way of finding the best angle for your wing is by looking straight into the mirror and tracing a line upwards of where your lower lashline ends.

Once I have the shape I want, I will then use a gel or liquid eyeliner to create an outline of my wing before filling it in; the more pigmented the eyeshadow is, the easier this step will be. This also works especially for creating and intensely colored eyeliner look; simply use an eyeshadow in the same colour as high eyeliner and follow the same steps.

Bonus Trick

If you want to alter the shape of your wing or simply sharpen it, a great way to do this without having to start over is by using concealer. Simply dab a good amount around the area you want to cover, then using an angled eyeliner brush, softly blend the concealer over the eyeliner. Here is it important to work in small sections and wait until the eyeliner is completely dry before applying your concealer.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found it helpful! let me know in the comments which method you found easiest!

The Foundry girl.


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