Back to Black: Rocker Chic Makeup

Most people will tell you that the rocker type of makeup isn’t exactly wearable, but this world has enough rules already, and so “wearable” is relative. When I decided to create this look, I knew I wanted to adapt the tough, harsh makeup to my own style, in order to make it less costume-y, and more of an easy look that anyone can try.

The great thing about the rocker style is that it is meant to express your own individual style. Unless you want to copy your rockstar idol to a T, rocking this makeup (see what I did there?) is simply a matter of unleashing your inner rocker; your own way of being a rockstar.


For my look today, I knew I wanted 3 things: The black eyeshadow, the dark lip and the biker jacket. And so the makeup was as simple, but with a touch of chic incorporated through a side part ponytail. But since this is a makeup blog, here are the makeup details:

Eyes: After priming and setting my eyes, I applied a black kohl liner from the drugstore all over the mobile eyelids, to create a solid, pigmented base for my eyeshadow. I wanted to have a strong black smokey look, so this was an important step before topping the eyeliner off with loads of black eyeshadow, and blending it out on the crease and outer corners for that smokey finish. To pull the look together, I also smoked out my lower lashline with the same black eyeshadow from the Karity Smokey palette.


Face: As this is a look that focuses mostly on the eyes and lips, I didn’t see the need for heavy contouring and highlighting. However, I did use some bronzer to lightly contour my face as I am currently dealing with the fact that I am WAY too tan for any of my foundations :’D. I also did highlight using the Zoeva Contour Spectrum palette, but like I said, this is not a necessary step. All you really need is a good base using your foundation and concealer.


Lips: One of my current favourite lip colours, which made it to my September favourites is the NYX Liquid Suede in Cherry Skies. That’s is what used in this look, and of course, any dark berry or plum lip works just fine for this makeup style.


Last but not least, and as I said in the beginning, I wanted to add a touch of chic to soften the tough look of the rocker makeup. I decided on a deep side part ponytail which was easiest for my current hair texture/colour. Of course, feel free to rock some spiky hair if you can; I think that would accentuate the rocker side even more!



That’s it for this look guys! I hope you enjoyed it and found it inspiring for a different Fall makeup look to try just for fun, or for a night out if you’re daring! Thank you for reading, and see you in my next post!

The Foundry girl.


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