Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Gore SFX

Boo! Not scared? Well I tried! Anyway, this blog post ain’t about that! But if you are looking to try your hand at a VERY easy halloween makeup look using special effects, then you’ve come to the right place.This is a basic Halloween look that focuses on an easy technique using three household items. It’s a little SFX trick I’ve seen time and again, and wanted to share with you all for a fun, simple DIY Halloween look that anyone can make.

What you’ll need:


Toilet paper: About one or two pieces from a roll.
Red liquid gel food colouring: You could make your own fake blood using a few kitchen ingredients, but using liquid gel saves you the trouble. Using paint isn’t safe for the skin so I would recommend against it.
PVA glue: Washes off easily, but has enough strength to hold for Halloween night.
Foundation: I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in a lighter shade than my skin tone, for that death look effect
Setting powder: I used the Laura Mercier transluscent powder
Red/Ochre eyeshadow: I used Red Ochre from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette
Synthetic flat foundation and flat eyeshadow brushes: I used some cheap non brand brushes.


Step 1: Tear the toilet paper into little pieces, about the size of a butter bean, separating the paper layers as much as possible.

Step 2: After applying your foundation and setting it with powder, apply red eyeshadow on the areas where the hollows of your eyes would be. Focus this only on the lower part of your eye area, and go lightly. It’s easier to build up coverage than to have to start over.
Once you have your base and your “death dark circles”, the fun can start!

Step 3: Using a synthetic brush, apply a thin layer of glue to the area around your mouth and on your lips.

Step 4: Next, start picking and applying the toilet paper pieces onto the glue, pressing lightly to help them adhere to the glue. Once you have covered the entire area, wait for the first layer to dry and repeat the same steps twice.
After the 3rd layer has dried, you should have a think layer that looks something like this:

Step 5: Using your foundation brush, start applying your foundation on the toilet paper using soft tapping motions until the toilet paper is entirely covered. At this point you’ll need to blend out the edges using a makeup sponge, in order to avoid any obvious demarcation lines. Using a makeup sponge will help you achieve a seamless finish.

Step 6: The final step is the bloody part: Using a flat shader or eyeliner brush, apply the liquid gel food colouring onto the toilet paper covered areas in a random pattern. Don’t worry about being messy!

Using the remainder of the liquid gel food colouring, create dripping lines in any areas you want to cover on your face. For this look I decided to give myself blood tears, bloody lashlines and a few cuts here and there. Hell, I even covered my hands, but that was a mistake!

Final look:

That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this gory type of halloween makeup! I will create a few more in the lead up to the holiday, so don’t forget to follow my blog and Instagram account to stay tuned 😉

The Foundry girl.


9 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Gore SFX

  1. Super idea!
    I’m working for some years as a special make up artist in Germany for many horror or halloween
    events. I would be happy about visitors and comments on my website!


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