Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Cleopatra VII (With Video)

For Halloween this year I wanted to do 4 looks, but up until now I was missing a really glamorous, typical, all around sexy look. And when my BFF Selma asked me to do a tutorial for a Cleopatra Halloween look, I had to oblige. 


Before the Makeup, a Little History:

An ancient Egyptian coin shows the last queen of Egypt had a long crooked nose, a pointed chin and thin lips; not exactly your typical beauty by modern standards. While no other evidence of her looks could be found up to now, Cleopatra’s charisma and sexiness emanated from her character.
Early on when she accessed the throne, she made it clear that she was going to break away from Egyptian patriarchal tradition by dropping her brother as co-ruler, and removing his face from the Egyptian coins. She married 3 times, and was known as a strong character both as a ruler and a private individual. Needless to say, she was a master of self-image and a #girlboss! Cleopatra also likened herself to deity, claiming she was a reincarnation of Isis, goddess of health, marriage and wisdom. This is probably the source of what we commonly know today as the classic Cleopatra look.


So without further ado, here is a step-by-step tutorial inspired by girl boss, beauty blogger and actress Teni Panosian.
And if you’re too lazy to read, go watch the tutorial here 😉

1: The Eyes

Before Complexion:
– I applied a light brown eyeshadow on my natural crease using a fluffy shader brush, sort of creating a cut crease
-Next I applied a darker brown eyeshadow, concentrating it only up to halfway of where the eyeshadow ends.
-Finally, I used a pencil brush to apply black eyeshadow along the line where my eye lid creases, in order to create a gradient effect with the other two shadows.
After Complexion:
-I applied a dark blue khol liner along my lower lashline and towards the outer corners of my eyes, followed by a lighter shade of blue pencil liner. This is the base that will help the following eyeshadows stay in place.
-I used 3 different shades of blue eyeshadow that matched the eyeliner shades and applied them in the same pattern. The goal once again is to have a gradient effect.
-Finally and after applying some false lashes, I added a line of black gel eyeliner just along my upper lashline.

2: The Complexion

-I applied a mattifying primer to blur my pores, and followed it by a luminous primer on the high points of my face for that glow from within effect.
-Next I used a cream contour which I applied to the hollows of my cheek bones, dragging it down towards either sides of my chin, as well as on the temples of my forehead and the sides of my nose. Keep in mind your contour will depend on the shape of your face.
-I applied foundation to my entire face, using a stippling brush in stippling motions in order to not move the cream contour.
-I used a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than my foundation under my eyes and set it with a yellow powder, to brighten the area and dramatise the look a little bit. (This is when the “After complexion” part of the eye makeup happens)
-To add more drama, I used a powder contour in the same areas I contoured with a cream.
-Last but not least, to emphasize that bronze goddess look, I used a brown shade highigher which I applied to my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, forehead and chin.
-To make sure everything is blended together and to avoid any harsh demarcation lines, I went in with a clean fluffy powder brush around my entire face.

3: The Lips

-I applied a concealer that is similar to my foundation shade to cover my lips, and blended it with a sponge.
-Using a small flat shader brush, I applied a golden eyeshadow to my upper lip. Here you can also use a golden cream shadow or better yet, a lipstick which I didn’t have.
-On the center of my lower lip, I drew a rectangle using the same black gel liner.
-Using a precision brush, I outlined the side of the black rectangle on my lower lip.
This is definitely the most versatile part of this makeup, so feel free to play around with it depending on the products you have and the look you find goes best with your features.






Product List:

-Maybelline: Fit Me Foundation and Concealer
-L.A Girl: PRO Conceal
-Benefit: The Porefessional primer
-NYX: Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam
-Morphe: 35K and 12Z palettes, Gel Liner in Slate
-Manhattan X-treme lasting gel liner and Khol Kajal Liner
-Zoeva: Contour and Concealer Spectrum palettes
-The Balm Betty Lou Manizer
-E.L.F Prism Palette in Sunset

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Let me know if you decide to recreate it and share your photos with me on Instagram (You can tag me @makeup_foundry). Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Halloween!

The Foundry girl.


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