Fall Favourites Tag: Windy Berlin

Hello beautiful people! Blogger extraordinaire and my cyber-friend Mercyish from Singapore shared her Fall Favourites tag and tagged me. I loved reading her post and others’, as I found it a great way of experiencing the season from different perspectives and places around the world. So to keep up with the diversity and to keep things interesting, I will tag my blogger friends Danniela and Mammu

Favourite candle: OMG, give me all the candles in the world, I can’t choose! But ok, I’ll give you 3 that I enjoy in the fall : I love the Jo Malone Red Roses, Yankee Candle’s MidSummer’s Night and absolutely any good orange scented candle. All 3 are such uplifting scents, so they are perfect when the weather is gloomy and I don’t want to be too mellow.


Favourite lip product: This year I’m leaning more towards taupe shades on my lips, especially in day time which is mostly when I’m out and wearing lipstick. I also prefer a matte liquid formula and have recently been reaching for the NYX Lingerie in Teddy and Embellishment.


Favourite nail polish: Nuit Fleurie- a gorgeous colour that Catrice recently did as part of a limited edition collection in collab with Kaviar Gauche, a Berlin based fashion label that specialises in bridal couture. I love the cool tone for everyday wear, and because it’s so discreet it’s also low maintenance, because even if it chipped I wouldn’t notice it right away.


Favourite clothing item: Turtle necks for the win! Berlin is such a windy city so I like to keep my neck nice and warm, but scarves are just not my thing, so turtle necks it is! I have them in a couple colours and my current favourite is this burnt orange one from ASOS.

Favourite shoes: High-heeled ankle boots. All of them.

Favourite accessory: My DKNY quilted Gansevoort Flap Bag in the colour Nappa Desert. This tag is making me realize that I’m all about cool tones, but I guess that’s because Fall in northern Germany is more like winter. Anyways, I love this purse because it fits everything I need, it’s small enough for my petite body AND I can wear it on the shoulder or as a sling back. Only down side is I have to always have an umbrella to protect the leather from the rain.


Halloween or Thanksgiving? I equally enjoy both, and I’m so lucky to celebrate both this year with my second family here in Berlin! But if I had to choose then I would go with Halloween because Turkey and Pumpkin Pie I can make any other day of the year. But crazy costume and makeup? Not many days you can find a good excuse for that.

Favourite drink: I don’t usually buy drinks from coffee shops, so at home I like to make my own Faux Chaï Tea with soy milk. Quick recipe: In a tea bag, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon, two crushed cardamom seeds and 2 cloves, then place the tea bag a cup of hot black tea. Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes and then remove from your cup. Add 4 tablespoons of soy milk, and a drop of vanilla essence. I don’t sweeten my drinks but feel free to add some brown sugar to yours! And voilà!

Favourite part of fall: It just seems like a time when “the party never stops”, from the excitement of getting back to school/work, to Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas, it seems like everyone is always busy planning a party or attending one, and as someone who love to do both, this is absolutely my favourite thing about Fall.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick and unsual post! It was so much fun to create and also to read other people’s perspectives! So if you like to, then I tag all of you to do it, and if you do, come by and share your link in the comments!

The Foundry girl.


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