Glossy Gold Inspired by Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis 005

Happy November everyone! Am I the only one who feels like this year flew by? Probably not. Well, anyways, this month is exciting for mny makeup enthusiasts because makeup artists and genius Pat McGrath will release her Metalmorphosis 005 eyekit. So for today’s makeup look, I decided to play with some gold in honor of the beautiful metal inspired pigments.


I am especially excited about this eye kit because 1- PAT MCGRATH, duh! And 2- I have a special place in my heart for metals in makeup; in case you didn’t know, that’s where the name of this blog comes from: a foundry was originally a factory where metal castings are produced by melting and putting them into casts. Kind of like using metallic makeup and molding it into the shapes of the human face. So there you have it, the story of this blog. And now onto the makeup!

This is not your usual eyeshadow look that requires a matte transition colour, but I knew I’d need some sort of transition to tie the took together. I used the golden eyeshadow in the Morphe Zodiac palette along my crease, before applying Catrice limited edition cream eyeshadow and eyeliner Antique Pigments all over the lid. I didn’t use false lashes so I used a felt tip liquid eyeliner to tightline my eyelashes and give the illusion of fullness. Finally, I used the Benefit RollerLash mascara. I could have left it at that, I felt like a glossy golden eyelid, so I added some clear lipgloss on top.



Gold is such a versatile metal shade that can be paired with different colours. For this look I wanted to try some ombré lips with a dark lipstick shade. First I applied the NYX wonder pencil in Medium. Then I mixed the NYX jumbo lip pencil in Burgundy and the Sephora Color Lip Last Lipstick Elegant in Brown, and started applying the mixture with a lip brush starting from the inner center of my lips. I used the same brush to fade the colour outwards, and once I had achieve the colour I wanted on the edges of my lips, I added some more colour to the center of my lips to intensify the ombre effect.


And that’s it! I hope you guys liked this look! Not exactly a wearable look, although it could be something to try if you’re into a fun party look!

The Foundry girl.


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