Full Eyebrow Routine For Naturally Full Eyebrows

Having full eyebrows can feel like a blessing in disguise. Being my hairy half Arab self, I find it particularly difficult to keep my eyebrows looking clean and nicely shaped. Add that to the random sparse spots here and there, the crazy hairs that will curl in the direction of whatever side you sleep, and you have the worst of both worlds. For this blog post I decided to show you in detail how I usually deal with my situation!


My Eyebrow Arsenal
For the purpose of maintenance, I keep a few essential tools: a small sharp pair of scissors, a spooley, disposable facial shavers and a good pair of tweezers.
To fill in and fix my eyebrows, I like to use a wax eyebrow pencil like the Benefit Goof Proof, or an eyebrow gel like the one form Essence. I am not so fussy about clear eyebrow mascara as I find they all do the same job, but one i can definitely recommend is the Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara.


I try to conserve the natural thickness of my eyebrows, although they have seen some darker times when it was a thing to have your eyebrows looking like a sperm cell (Picture whenever I reach 300 followers 😂). But I get eyebrow regrowth after 3-4 days,  so I do trim at least twice a week. This helps with shaping my brows. It took me a while to understand my pattern, so my advice here is to take time to study your brows by brushing them upwards, and identifying which parts have the longest hairs; that’s where you will want to trim.

I have long hairs ALL over the place, so I trim my brows all along the upper line. I start by brushing them up like in the picture to see how much I need to trim. The key is to not trim below the natural eyebrow line. I use the spooley to hold the hairs down and start trimming from the inner to the outer ends of my eyebrows, continuing to brush them up in the process to make sure no hairs escape the scissors.

Hair Removal
Once I’m satisfied with the thickness of my eyebrows, I move on to plucking. I’ve been doing my eyebrows for almost a decade now so I am quite used to it, but if you’re afraid of hurting yourself or worse, messing up your shape, I would visit a professional for the hair removal step. I am allergic to wax, so when I feel too lazy to tweeze the hairs above my eyebrows, I usually use these facial razors that help me get rid of all the hair above my eyebrows in just a few seconds.

We all struggle with creating that perfectly arched brow, but it is easy as pie. Start by laying a pencil across your face in a line that crosses your iris (do this while looking straight ahead) and touches the edge of your nostril. The point where the pencil crosses your brow is going to be the highest point of your brow. From here it’s just a matter of connecting the dots. You want to achieve a clean line by plucking as few hairs as you can from the bottom line of your brow. To fix my brows I prefer a clear eyebrow gel or mascara.

I like to finish off with a layer of clear eyebrow mascara, and this is is how I would wear my eyebrows on a normal day.


On days I’m wearing makeup to go out or creating makeup looks for the blog, I usually will take 10-15 minutes to draw, fill-in and fix my eyebrows. These are the steps I follow:

STEP 1: Using a spooley, I start by brushing my eyebrows downwards to have a clear view of the upper line. Using an eyebrow pencil or a brow gel, I draw a line starting from the inner to the outer end. Next I like to fill in the sparse areas while my eyebrows are still brushed down, concentrating the product mainly around the center third of the brow.

STEP 2: I brush my eyebrows back up, and taking the same product I will fill in any spots that I think are still looking sparse. I like to apply product in small sections and immediately brush my brows to sheer it out. I then draw a thin and sheer line on the bottom of my eyebrows, and fill in sparse are around the inner end of my brows, working in upwards motions to mimic the pattern of my natural hairs.

STEP 3: To finish up, I use a clear eyebrow gel or a clear mascara to brush my eyebrows one last time. If you don’t have either on hand, one product I’ve been looking using for this purpose is soap bar. I start by dragging my dampened spooley on the soap to coat it, and then brush my eyebrows as I normally would.

That’s it! I don’t usually do any of those clean up methods using concealer or nude pencils because I don’t really buy into the whole Instagram eyebrow trend, but feel free to use this technique if you want to correct any mistakes. My trick is to do my eyebrows before applying my base makeup, this way I can just use a q-tip and some makeup remover to clean up the edges.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful if you’ve been looking to fine-tune or update your eyebrow routine! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions! Also, what are your favorite eyebrow products?

The Foundry girl.


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