PLUM & GREY MAKEUP Feat. NYX Ombré Lip Duo

A couple of days ago I passed by Douglas (German Sephora, but not really..) to “have a look”, and they had restocked their NYX section, so of course I had to get something. Naturally and in keeping with my tradition of “never leave with your bank account intact”, I left with yet another Liquid Suede, Sandstorm this time, and my most recent discovery, their Ombré Lip Duo which I got in the shade Cookies & Cream. For today’s look I decided to try the Lip Duo for you guys, as I found it quite an intriguing concept!The Ombré Lip Duo is a great 2-in-1 lip product as it includes both a lipstick and a pencil. Although it is marketed as a product particularly made for creating an ombré look, it’s absolutely possible to use either ends of the duo with other lip products or alone.



Texture: I wanted to stay on the safe side with my first go at these so I picked the shade Cookies & Cream, made up of a dark chocolate brown lip pencil and a taupey brown lipstick. The texture of the lip pencil end is ideal. It has the right amount of creaminess to let it glide with precision to create perfectly lined lips. It’s also long lasting, as I could tell from the swatch that was rather tough to remove; Everything I want in a lip liner. The lipstick end is a thicker pencil, almost the size of a typical jumbo lip pencil. The texture is VERY creamy, which I think works to break down the tougher texture of the lip pencil in order for the two blend well. It applies easily and is nicely pigmented.


The packaging provides a 3 picture tutorial on how you can use the lip duo to create your ombré look, but I think the technique depends on the shape of your lips and the effect you want to achieve. In this way, I find this to be quite a fun product to experiment with. And as I said, the texture helps the lip pencil and the lipstick blend so well, that you can apply, correct and change the shape to your liking without too much trouble.
Verdict: All in all, a this is a great affordable option to try for the fun of ombré lips, but also good value for money because you can use both products for other looks than the ombré lip.


Lips: For this look I wanted to give the lip duo a try with an easy ombré lip as this is what it is primarily intended for. I slightly modified the shape that was pictured on the product packaging, mainly by applying less of the pencil liner.


EYES: I used the Morphe Zodiac palette to create this plum-taupe-gray sort of smokey eye. I was feeling slightly rebellious so I skipped the matte shadows and did the entire look using the shimmer plum, grey and silver shadows on the palette. A little pro tip here: Most shimmer shadows are absolutely fine for a transition shade, as long as you work lightly an blend well to diffuse the shadow enough along where you want to use it.


I used the shimmer grey and plum to create a winged liner as well, which I applied with the help of my trusted E.L.F. eye primer & liner sealer. On my lower lashes I wanted something different for this look, so instead of smoking out the area with eyeshadow, I created inverted triangles using the plum shade, which I then smoked out using the silver shadow. As a final touch I glued a section from false lashes onto the outer 3rd corners, before 2 coats of mascara on my top and bottom lashes.


That’s it for this post! Hope you guys enjoyed it; I tried changing things up by adding the mini review. Do you like this kind of article? Or do you have any suggestions for me? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

The Foundry girl.


20 thoughts on “PLUM & GREY MAKEUP Feat. NYX Ombré Lip Duo

    1. Omg thank you so much gorgeous! I’ve been following your blog for so long now eventhough I’m one of the quiet ones haha, it’s such a pleasure to read you on here! xoxo


    1. Thank you so much babe! Yeah I had no idea these things existed until two days ago 😀 Definitely going back for a couple more shades, it’s a great budget option as you get 2 for the price of 1, more or less hehe And man, Douglas here is light years away from Sephora tbh… is it the same in Nroway? :’D Glad you enjoyed it! ❤

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      1. Same here! I mean I like some German brands (Catrice, Essence, ArtDeco) but the market is sooooo behind on technologies and trends, and therefore quality. So I’ve given up on trying to contribute to the local economy of my host country, I just shop on U.K. websites 😂 Perks of living in the EU, and thanks to Brexit soon even that won’t be an option 😂

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