Green & Champagne Holiday Makeup For All Eye Colours

Hey guys! I’m back with another makeup look, this time ushering in the Holiday season. For this first look I thought I’d show you a little green smoked eye with a touch of champagne, great for an evening gathering. I find that green goes best with brown eyes, but the trick is finding the shade of green that goes best with your eye colour, skin tone and hair colour.


First I thought I would share some suggestions on green eyeshadow for different eye colours:
Blue/Gray eyes: Generally a cool toned green will have some blue undertones in it, making it best for blue and gray eyes. My favorite is the Kiko eyeshadow in 111. It is a duochrome shimmer with blue and yellow specks, that will flatter the blue and brown shades found in most blue eyes. Another alternative is the Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Ocean Breeze.
Green/Hazel Eyes: My personal alternative if you have green or hazel eyes is the NYX Hot Singles eyeshadow in Enchanted. This is a warm toned green with a slight metallic shimmer that will intensify green and hazel eyes. Alternatively, I find the Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Envy a great option for green and hazel eyes.
Brown Eyes: For this look I used the neutral dark green shadow in my Morphe Zodiac palette. It is a matte shadow, perfect for bringing out the depth of dark brown eyes. If you are looking for single eyeshadow alternatives for this specific look, I would suggest the Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Time Travel. (I swear this is not sponsored by MG, it’s just a great brand for single eyeshadows! haha).

Now onto the look:

I started out priming and setting my eyelids, using a concealer in my skin tone and a translucent powder. Next I applied a warm toned transition shade all along my creases, dragging it out and upwards. My personal tip is to think about the champagne colour you will be using for the inner third part of your eyelids, and matching the tone to you transition colour. This helps bring the look together.


With flat shader brush, I applied the matte green shadow onto my mobile eyelids using tapping motions, covering the two outers thirds of my my lids. Next, I picked up a very small amount of the same eyeshadow on a fluffy blending brush and applied it in circular motions with a light hand, focusing on the outer corners of my eyes. Once the smokey effect was well blended, I went back in with the same eyeshadow using a flat shader brush to intensify the green colour.


The last step is the champagne colour. For this look I used the shade Pure Ganache in my Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. First I tapped the colour onto the inner third part of my mobile eyelids using a pencil brush. To blend two eyeshadows on my mobile eyelids, I used a flat shader brush and gently dragged the champagne shadow outwards. Here it’s important to work with a light hand for that sheered out and well blended effect.


After applying mascara, false lashes and the rest of my makeup, I picked a dark pumpkin lip colour to tie the look together. I used the Dose of Colours mate liquid lipstick in the shade Brick. Alternatively, you could use a nude or brown lipstick as well. Another tip for this look is to match your lipstick to the shade of your blush. Needless to say, a bright pink or red are big no-no’s. Instead, I would recommend a peach shade.

And voila! I know a smokey eye can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Keeping your eye shape in mind is a good place to start, and practicing here and there can help you identify the best way to apply your smokey eyeshadow on YOUR eye shape. There are lots of videos on youtube that can help with that too, so don’t be afraid to look them up and try it for yourself! As always, thank you for stopping by and until next time, stay safe!

The Foundry girl.


4 thoughts on “Green & Champagne Holiday Makeup For All Eye Colours

  1. I like how you added the champagne color with the smokey eye, it really pops out! Great look! I love eye shadow for the main reason that theres so many different color options and so many different looks that can be created.

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

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