7 Face Mask Tips I Swear By

I’ve always loved masking, but I’ve come a long way since my days of experimenting with bar soap on my cousin’s face (she was meeting her crush, I thought her lurking acne could use a drying mask, and we had no money; BAM, SCIENCE!). As a 14 year old with no job, I had to be creative, but boy did it pay out. In this post I share with you tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years, and that will hopefully help you make the most of your face masks.

1. Know Your Skin
Truth is, just because your BFF loved a the latest hyped mask doesn’t mean you will too, simply because you most likely have different skin types. Knowing your skin type will help you avoid ingredients and formulas that may cause undesired reactions or simply be a waste of your money. Don’t know your skin type yet? WikiHow have a great post on how to figure it out.


2. Listen to Your Skin
While skin type tends to remain the same over extended periods of time (some say 7 years but I honestly have no idea on the science here), climate, hormonal changes and diet can cause temporary variations in your skin’s regular state. The key is to pay attention to those changes as well. I like to fight off pre-menstrual spots with targeted zinc or clay masks during the 2 weeks before your period. Before heading to a dry climate, I try to do a 2-3 day moisturizing mask cure to prep my skin. You get the idea: prevention first.

3. Know Your Masks
There is a mask for almost any condition; the trick is knowing what types of masks fit your lifestyle and skin best. For example, on a lazy evening/weekend, I like to indulge in cleansing & purifying masks, occasionally concoct a thick moisturizing one in the kitchen, or use a peel off mask. But on days when I don’t have the time, I opt for a leave-in or sheet mask; time saved and no hassle as they be massaged into the skin or remove it with a cotton pad, in bed.

4. Multi-Masking
As if changing skin type wasn’t annoying all on it’s own, most of us deal with multiple issues at any given time. The most common combo in my case will be an oily t-zone, dry patches on the cheeks & temples, and the monthly period spot on the chin. So, I like to apply a clay mask on the t-zone, a moisturizing one on the cheeks and a drying mask like the Origins Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask.


5. Single Use Masks
This one is a triple threat: Wallet friendly: I get to try TONS of masks at a fraction of the price; Handy: I get to fix whatever issues I am facing right in the moment, and always have a solution for any circumstance; and 3. Hygienic: Since most masks yield 1-3 uses, there is virtually no contamination risk!

6. When and How Much Should You Mask?
I find what really works for me is one mask per day (2-3 on weekends), preferably before bed. This way I always know what my skin needs to face the next day. It sounds high-maintenance, but I love that it gives me a routine/ritual where I can focus on myself for 15-20 minutes. Oh and, always before and after a flight.


7. To Steam or Not to Steam?
Always make use of hot showers/baths to use cleansing and purifying masks–oldest trick in the book. But keep in mind you only need to steam your face if the mask you plan to use works by absorbing sebum, in which case pores need to be opened.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Let me know in the comment section what are some of your favorite masks and mask tips, I’d love to hear about them!

The Foundry Girl.



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