About Makeup Foundry

Welcome to Makeup Foundry, a page dedicated to spreading the beauty and magic of makeup in its various styles and uses.

Inspired by a multitude of icons, arts and trends, Makeup Foundry is a blog where visuals are as important as information.  Here you can find a variety of articles about makeup products, trends and inspirations. In parallel, I share my honest opinions on makeup products, with the objective of creating a trustworthy resource for reviews. Last but not least, this blog also aims to be a sharing space where I tell you my thoughts and experiences with makeup techniques, styles and trends. 

Originally from Africa and currently based in Europe, I’ve been lucky enough to experience makeup and beauty in 3 different continents for extended periods of time. I’ve come to appreciate makeup not as a mask to hide behind, but as a representation of beauty in all its manifestation, and ultimately as a form of art. I decided to start this blog aspiring to become a makeup artist by passion.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy your visit, and please do not hesitate to get in touch!

-Rime A.