4 Step Winter Complexion Routine

Hello hello! I have been feeling so bad about neglecting my blog the last couple of weeks, but I don’t want to bore you with the details of my busy life, Instead, for today’s post I wanted to talk to you about my ideal complexion routine for the winter. Now of course I can’t speak for ALL skin types, but in my case, winter definitely takes a toll on my cutis. And I while I do adapt my skin care for the season, I also try to do the same for my complexion makeup products. Continue reading “4 Step Winter Complexion Routine”


Full Eyebrow Routine For Naturally Full Eyebrows

Having full eyebrows can feel like a blessing in disguise. Being my hairy half Arab self, I find it particularly difficult to keep my eyebrows looking clean and nicely shaped. Add that to the random sparse spots here and there, the crazy hairs that will curl in the direction of whatever side you sleep, and you have the worst of both worlds. For this blog post I decided to show you in detail how I usually deal with my situation!

Continue reading “Full Eyebrow Routine For Naturally Full Eyebrows”

Basic Makeup Collection: High-end Vs Drugstore

For anyone starting out with makeup, the infinite amount of choice in brands can be overwhelming. Add to it the fact that much of it is hyped up on social media, and you may find yourself confused as to what to buy, how much to spend and where to begin. Continue reading “Basic Makeup Collection: High-end Vs Drugstore”

A Beginner’s Guide to Eyeshadow

When I first started wearing makeup, I rarely ever went near eyeshadow because I had no idea how to use it. Heck, I had no idea where to begin; what colours should I try? What brand should I buy? What brush should I use? All these questions and more that we all ask ourselves when venturing into the complex and sophisticated world of eyeshadow, I try to answer for you in today’s post. Continue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to Eyeshadow”

9 Fall Lip Options for Olive Skin

Hey guys! I’m back from a short but sweet holiday in Spain, which means I can finally get back to blogging! For this post I wanted to share with you some Lip options for the fall that I absolutely love. All of these are drugstore lip colours that can be found in most countries as they are from mainstream or indie brands that ship internationally. But if you’re specifically looking for fall lipsticks for olive to tan skin types, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading “9 Fall Lip Options for Olive Skin”

Undereye Concealer Tips and Tricks

Concealer is probably the cheekiest, most misunderstood makeup product. It creases under the eyes, cakes up around the nose area, and occasionally enjoys giving everyone reverse panda eyes for the fun of it. You probably know exactly what I’m talking about; the struggle is real! But thanks to many unsung makeup heroes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Continue reading “Undereye Concealer Tips and Tricks”

Nothing Over $10 Full Makeup Look

The latest Youtube makeup tag is all about makeup on a budget, so naturally I decided to jump on the bandwagon with a blog article. The concept is geared towards finding good quality products that are under $10 to combine in one makeup look. The point? To share a selection of affordable makeup items with the community. The challenge? To select the best possible option for each makeup item. So if you are on the hunt for affordable makeup products that are also of good quality, then this is article is for you! Continue reading “Nothing Over $10 Full Makeup Look”

3 Easy Winged Eyeliner Tricks

Anyone will tell you that winged eyeliner requires practice, patience and time. But the trick is finding your own method that works best for you. In this article I share 3 different methods that I’ve found to work quite well with gel and liquid eyeliner. Continue reading “3 Easy Winged Eyeliner Tricks”

Hot Weather Makeup: Top Tips & Look

If you have ever lived in hot and humid weather, your know that it is makeup’s enemy number 1. Your foundation melts, your eyeliner and mascara smudge, your blush disappears, until the only thing left on your face is pretty much your lipstick. But worry not, it not you, it’s the makeup!  Continue reading “Hot Weather Makeup: Top Tips & Look”