Highlighter Focus: Topshop Chameleon Glow in U-Turn

A few days ago I went out for dinner with my friend Priscilla, and while walking around Alexanderplatz we saw that a new Topshop store had opened at the Galeria mall. We  ended up spending a good 15 minutes swatching lipsticks and what have you in the makeup section. I had just gotten a phone job offer, so it was a euphoric time, perfect for some shopping! Little did I know I would come out with the Chameleon highlighter, appropriately named U-Turn.  Continue reading “Highlighter Focus: Topshop Chameleon Glow in U-Turn”


Brick & Burgundy: Quick Makeup for Brown Eyes

Hey guys! I’m back with another evening makeup look for you this week. I recently received some new makeup babies in an order I made last month on Beauty Bay, so I decided to try them out for a quick evening makeup. I wanted to use warm orange and burgundy shades to create a no-fuss look that will take minimal effort. So if you are looking for some inspiration for your next evening outing, I hope this makeup look will help! Continue reading “Brick & Burgundy: Quick Makeup for Brown Eyes”

PLUM & GREY MAKEUP Feat. NYX Ombré Lip Duo

A couple of days ago I passed by Douglas (German Sephora, but not really..) to “have a look”, and they had restocked their NYX section, so of course I had to get something. Naturally and in keeping with my tradition of “never leave with your bank account intact”, I left with yet another Liquid Suede, Sandstorm this time, and my most recent discovery, their Ombré Lip Duo which I got in the shade Cookies & Cream. For today’s look I decided to try the Lip Duo for you guys, as I found it quite an intriguing concept! Continue reading “PLUM & GREY MAKEUP Feat. NYX Ombré Lip Duo”

Full Eyebrow Routine For Naturally Full Eyebrows

Having full eyebrows can feel like a blessing in disguise. Being my hairy half Arab self, I find it particularly difficult to keep my eyebrows looking clean and nicely shaped. Add that to the random sparse spots here and there, the crazy hairs that will curl in the direction of whatever side you sleep, and you have the worst of both worlds. For this blog post I decided to show you in detail how I usually deal with my situation!

Continue reading “Full Eyebrow Routine For Naturally Full Eyebrows”

Evening Glamour Makeup With A Twist

Hey guys! First off I am sorry for the long break I’ve taken from blogging, it’s been a hectic week. For today’s blog post I thought I’d show you a quick makeup with a little twist. I know all of you makeup junkies already know about the trick of using bronzer instead of eyeshadow on the eyelids, but for this look I thought I’d use it in a different way to achieve a full eye look, rather than the usual use which is to contour the eyes. Continue reading “Evening Glamour Makeup With A Twist”

Glossy Gold Inspired by Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis 005

Happy November everyone! Am I the only one who feels like this year flew by? Probably not. Well, anyways, this month is exciting for mny makeup enthusiasts because makeup artists and genius Pat McGrath will release her Metalmorphosis 005 eyekit. So for today’s makeup look, I decided to play with some gold in honor of the beautiful metal inspired pigments. Continue reading “Glossy Gold Inspired by Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis 005”

Fall Favourites Tag: Windy Berlin

Hello beautiful people! Blogger extraordinaire and my cyber-friend Mercyish from Singapore shared her Fall Favourites tag and tagged me. I loved reading her post and others’, as I found it a great way of experiencing the season from different perspectives and places around the world. So to keep up with the diversity and to keep things interesting, I will tag my blogger friends Danniela and MammuContinue reading “Fall Favourites Tag: Windy Berlin”

5 Makeup Cliches That Need to Disappear

A few weeks ago when Alicia Keys attended the VMAs with a bare face, the internet trolls decided to question her choice on her own face. As someone who loves makeup, I tend to have candid conversations about it with almost everyone. And most of the time, it’s not because they wanted to talk about it, but YOLO. So for this first article I wanted to dissect a few clichés and stereotypes many people tend to have on those of us who almost never leave the house without some form of makeup on their face. Continue reading “5 Makeup Cliches That Need to Disappear”

Quick Sophisticated Makeup: Lily Collins

Happy Monday guys! For today’s Monday Blues post I wanted to recreate this iconic look that Lisa Eldridge did last year on beautiful actress Lily Collins for a Lancôme campaign. It’s a simple and quick, yet very sophisticated look. Continue reading “Quick Sophisticated Makeup: Lily Collins”