Highlighter Focus: Topshop Chameleon Glow in U-Turn

A few days ago I went out for dinner with my friend Priscilla, and while walking around Alexanderplatz we saw that a new Topshop store had opened at the Galeria mall. We  ended up spending a good 15 minutes swatching lipsticks and what have you in the makeup section. I had just gotten a phone job offer, so it was a euphoric time, perfect for some shopping! Little did I know I would come out with the Chameleon highlighter, appropriately named U-Turn.  Continue reading “Highlighter Focus: Topshop Chameleon Glow in U-Turn”


Full Eyebrow Routine For Naturally Full Eyebrows

Having full eyebrows can feel like a blessing in disguise. Being my hairy half Arab self, I find it particularly difficult to keep my eyebrows looking clean and nicely shaped. Add that to the random sparse spots here and there, the crazy hairs that will curl in the direction of whatever side you sleep, and you have the worst of both worlds. For this blog post I decided to show you in detail how I usually deal with my situation!

Continue reading “Full Eyebrow Routine For Naturally Full Eyebrows”