Brick & Burgundy: Quick Makeup for Brown Eyes

Hey guys! I’m back with another evening makeup look for you this week. I recently received some new makeup babies in an order I made last month on Beauty Bay, so I decided to try them out for a quick evening makeup. I wanted to use warm orange and burgundy shades to create a no-fuss look that will take minimal effort. So if you are looking for some inspiration for your next evening outing, I hope this makeup look will help! Continue reading “Brick & Burgundy: Quick Makeup for Brown Eyes”


Quick Sophisticated Makeup: Lily Collins

Happy Monday guys! For today’s Monday Blues post I wanted to recreate this iconic look that Lisa Eldridge did last year on beautiful actress Lily Collins for a Lancôme campaign. It’s a simple and quick, yet very sophisticated look. Continue reading “Quick Sophisticated Makeup: Lily Collins”

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Cleopatra VII (With Video)

For Halloween this year I wanted to do 4 looks, but up until now I was missing a really glamorous, typical, all around sexy look. And when my BFF Selma asked me to do a tutorial for a Cleopatra Halloween look, I had to oblige.  Continue reading “Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Cleopatra VII (With Video)”

Fall Makeup: Cool Weather, Cool Tones

You would think that Fall/Autumn makeup is all about warm toned colours we see in nature: amber, plum and burgundy. But Fall is also synonym with cool toned, dark and light blue-grays we don’t notice because they’re up in the clouds. And the Morphe 35K palette has the perfect shades to emulate this less loved, but equally natural aspect of the Fall season.
Continue reading “Fall Makeup: Cool Weather, Cool Tones”

Makeup Vs Monday Blues: World Mental Health Day

Hello and happy Monday everyone! Yes, it’s that time of the week again and, many of us wake up feeling too sleepy and tired for this world; this is what we often call the Monday Blues. But that’s just the luckier ones among us, because for many, Monday Blues is an everyday thing. Continue reading “Makeup Vs Monday Blues: World Mental Health Day”